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Please find the project information below; you can also read the project proposal here:

PROJECT NAME Trees Identifier
PROJECT OWNER/SUPERVISOR Dr. Tajudeen Okekunle Amusa
PROJECT EXECUTIONER Ssu-Technology Limited
PROJECT STATUS Stage (iv) Preparing for completion
PROJECT PLATFORM Website, Web App, PWA, Android, IOS, Mac & Windows
DESCRIPTION This project to create software that can be used to identify

various types of trees. The software operates on question-based

I.e., users answers questions based on the trees they are attempting to identify.



  • The software should identify a plant-based on answers entered by the
    app user. Upon launching the software, a menu appears that asks
    the end-user questions about the trees they intend to identify.


  • When all of these questions are answered, the app brings out the plant
    name and picture.


  • This project, upon completion, will be able to identify trees.


Project Resources Details (Beta Testing)

Website / App

Official website: https://treesidentifier.org.ng/

Web App Main Page: https://app.treesidentifier.org.ng/

Android Mobile App: https://swiftspeed.org/treesidentifier.apk



  • The client contacted the developer with details of the project description on 07/07/2020
  • Developer brainstormed procedure to carry out the project in the exact way that matches client description on 15/07/2020
  • The developer agreed on a deal with the project owner on 30/11/2020
  • The developer commenced the project on 15/12/2020
  • The developer deliberated on a number of questions and how it can be integrated using binary on 03/01/2021
  • Developer populates 1024 possible binary that can be gotten from a question of 10 on 12/01/2021
  • The developer went on the field with the supervisor to collect data on 15/02/2021
  • developer delivered 1st beta version, tested by both the developer and project owner/supervisor on 27/02/2021
  • The developer delivered the project on 28/02/2021



  • • The software should be able to identify any plant
    • Should be accessible on mobile and laptop
    • Should be simple and intuitive and easy to use

Platform: The software will be available on Android, IOS (iPhone), Web, HTML, and a progressive web app. This means the software will be
accessible on all platforms.

Requirements: The software will require working internet and mobile data. This is to pre-fetch the information entered in its database. Design: The software will be designed with the following programming
1. Flutter: Android & IOS
2. React Native: Web
3. Python: Web
4. Ionic & Cordova: App backend


Technology used:

1. Google Firebase API

2. Google developer API

3. Swiftspeed API

4. Apache Webserver

The Software will have the following for management:

Backend: This side of the software is where the data are populated into the app. This will only be accessible by the Administrator to enter, edit, and remove where and when appropriate.
Frontend: This side of the software is the main interface accessible by the public. The frontend will display information entered in the backend.




Users who are interested in using the software to identify trees are required to enter a name and email address for the admin to contact them if there’s any need to do so. see below

On clicking start identification the software redirects them to the question page where they are required to answer just 10 questions based on how their trees look like

The software as described by the owner may often contain keywords or botanical terms that the public may not be familiar with. “We want the app to be accessible to anyone regardless of their scientifical background”, therefore on the questions interface, a drop-down will be included to explain the key terms included in the question and possibly accompanied with pictures to help the user understand what is being asked. see the image below as an example.


After answering all the 10 questions the software prompt the user to recheck their selection and submit

Upon clicking the submit button an answer page appears with the name of the tree the user is attempting to identify. Also, there’s an option for the user to contest the result and send the image of the tree they are attempting to identify to the admin for further assistance

There are thousands of trees in the world, and just like every other service out there, the software may not be able to identify some trees, in this case, a message is displayed that an admin be contacted for help.

A web interface for the backend is available as well. This is where the admin adds, removes, and edits the questions. For security reasons, the details will not be displayed here publicly. in case you wish to see or have more insight about this please contact us.



Finalized answers will be based on binary. Each question correct answers will be identified by binary, example:
We will represent 1 as Yes and 0 as No
When a question is being asked and the answer is Yes then the software reads 1, if the answer is no it reads 0, after the question is completed these figures will be
compiled in binary form:
No.1 question Yes =1
No.2 question Yes =1
No.3 question No =0
No.4 question Yes =1
No.5 question No = 0
The final answer will be 11010. The software then searches using our algorithm and fetching filter details from firebase, and then it brings out the result that
matched binary 11010 as entered in the database, which is the user’s right answer according to their selection (description of what the tree looks like).


The software is projected to be accessible through many platforms, and also requires a backend where data can be accessed and controlled remotely, this requires weeks of programming, debugging, and adjustments. The estimated time of arrival is 8 Weeks. The project will be fully ready for launching and production in 2 months from the time of its commencement.


We can summarize this project as a website and an app that helps people identify any plant just by answering questions based on the characteristics of the plant they intend to identify. For diversification, this project will be accessible with both an app and a website. there will be a backend where an administrator adds, edits, delete, and manage data that are accessible on the front side of the app or website.

Additionally, since there’s nothing like perfect software, the app will have an option where users can give feedback to the app administrator if they think the plant name given doesn’t match their description. This is for check and balances, updates and improvement of the software.



This project will cost $300USD.
Hosting= $150USD Per year
Hosting is the webserver where all of these data will be stored. It’s a major
the requirement for any web project

Domain Name= $30USD Per year
A domain name is “example.org.ng” this is a website address, ultimate and
unique for any web project. This will point users to the software web property.
App Development cost= $70USD
Website Development cost= $50USD

Note: Hosting and domain expires after a year, therefore $300USD will be
required to sustain the project every year.


The development team will be promptly available to provide support for the
software and update it where and when necessary.

The development of this has been completed and the client has acknowledged that their requirement is fulfilled. Thanks for reading

Akinola Abdulakeem Akinade