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Software Development

We are passionate about creating ground breaking system and application software that aid day to day lifestyle of individual and co-operate agencies, this include but not limited to, software development, software engineering, front and back-end web development, digital marketing, software learning school and mobile application development.

Project Management

Our adept team of specialists in line with their expertise and client requirements; acquire, build, manage and monitor client web properties. We help local/international businesses, co-operate organizations, individual, NGO's, tertiary institutions and business start-ups to manage their IT department with the aid of our team of dedicated professionals.

Our Products

How could you possibly be convinced of the ground breaking software we have been talking about without trying it for yourself? Kindly hover on the above icon to visit our software listing page and get sample of our products. These products include, App Maker software, CMS Application, Invoicing Software, Cv/Resume software and host of many utility and hybrid mobile Applications.


Our Company

Ssu-Technology Limited otherwise known as Swiftspeed Universal Technology Limited is an elite technology company profiled with inventive and innovative computer software. Its proprietary and cross platform software has provided and still providing industrial based and standard solutions to digital businesses across the world.

Since inception, our clients has remained the top most priority; with keeping to project preposition promises and ensuring clients requirements are met. The time to take your business digital is now, click the button below to book free consultation.

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We provide best software solutions to businesses. See what some of our top clients testimonies.

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